My first ever exhibition at local coffee shop Black Gold Amsterdam was a total success!

Ten of my prints are currently on display there, until end of May this year. So if you find yourself in the area I seriously recommend you drop by for one of Siebrand’s well crafted lattes (always served with a smile), a friendly chat and a quick look at the prints.

A great big thank you goes to the wonderfully talented Anna Pujer for being the designated photographer for the opening event. Some of the photos you can check out down below in this post. Check her out on Instagram: @asari80.

A HUGE thanks to Marcel and his team from Re-Art Digital Print Studio who did an amazing job at providing the art prints and framing them, in a very short time frame.

… and finally a thanks and a hug goes to my good friend Irmina for helping out with the transportation of the prints prior to the opening event.

None of this could have been possible without the generosity and kindness of the people who made my first endeavour into the “art scene” a reality! Thank you!